Worry-Free Motoring

At Red River Trails of Moorhead, MN, we have a long history of transporting the world’s most precious cargo: People. From the front office to the maintenance shop, our entire staff is committed to providing you with safe, relaxing, worry-free transportation that exceeds your expectations starting at your initial phone call through your secure arrival at journey’s end.

If you despise traveling by bus with dingy, cramped, overheated quarters, and a seatmate who makes the experience only slightly less scary than hitch hiking, then it’s time to introduce yourself to modern motor coach travel by Red River Trails.

Imagine luxury accommodations with wraparound scenic windows, full climate control, state-of-the-art video and stereo gear, and lavish, reversible seating with tables. All you have to concern yourself with in Red River Trails motor coach is sitting back to enjoy the scenery, the culture and the entertainment enroute to your destination.

Whether you’re a business executive or college student, you’ll experience the same stress-free accommodations. You won’t have to pay for upgrades to enjoy the luxury travel that has folks in the region returning to Red River Trails again and again. Super wide, super comfortable, super flexible – our modern motor coaches are designed to address a wide range of situations and individual requirements.

You really can sit back and enjoy the ride with worry-free transportation by Red River Trails. You’ll save money, travel efficiently, enjoy special features and see more of the country than with any other form of travel.

Still not convinced? Consider these facts:



Proven to be far and away the safest mode of transportation.


Surpassing the on-time performance of airlines and train services.

Room to Move

More space and comfort than airlines or vehicles.


Twice as fuel-efficient as trains, three times as efficient as cars and four times as efficient as airlines.

Group Charters

At Red River Trails, we can provide full-service passenger ground transportation for your group trip!

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